Jotunn Norwegian Buhunds

G Litter


July 26 - Sophie starts to pant alot and follow Vali around the house where ever she goes.  I hear her digging into the doggie bed late at night

July 27 - Waken from a sound sleep to hear Vali scream 'here they come'.    Later that afternoon when I left to take the big dogs to the park, we were up to 5 puppies.  When we come back an hour or two later, we had 6.   Four girls and two boys.   Wonder what's in the water here - we always seem to have more girls.

All the puppies are wheaten like their mom and Dad.   Most seem to have dark masks like Mom, but it's a bit hard to tell if they'll remain that way this early. 

July 30 - Vali took the puppies out to have their dew claws removed.   At least this time she didn't make me do it.    This was puppies first ride in the car too! 

August 1 - Yeah, first weekend with the puppies starting!   They're all gaining 50-60 grams a day, and should probably double their weight from birth sometime this weekend.  All are almost exactly the same size except for the boy Red, who's a bit smaller.

August 3 - Hearing squeaky noise coming from the whelping box as I type this.  These pups seem a bit more vocal than the F litter.

August 5 - Wow, these puppies are pigs!   We've been worried about them not eating because their upstairs in rather warm room, but they all gainned 100-150gm today.  This is 2-3x the gain of previous few days and of the F-litter.  Perhaps the scale was acting strange due to heat, but they all looked big and fat and happy! We'll see how it goes.



July 28 - Puppies Born

July 30 - Dew claws removed

Aug 3 - 1 Week old. Squeeks!