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Buhund Standards from around the world.

Main Buhund Organizations.

Facebook Links

    Binna (our GCH from the B litter) page
    NBCA: Norwegian Buhund Site of America Facebook site

    Editors note:  Over the last couple of years, a lot of  the timely information about Buhunds as moved to Facebook or other social media sites and chat groups.  The NBCA is a good example of this - their website is a bit crufty, but their Facebook is hopping -particularly during the big events.   Many of the sites are private - you need to be invited to view them.

    If you want to stay abrest of all the latest Buhund news,   by all means dust off that Facebook account and start asking for links.

Kaare's and Sophie's Ancestors

Other Buhund Sites (Mostly Breeders) Tolgen's Buhunds
British Columbia, Canada.
Our puppies parents, and where Tore hangs out. Trollheimen Kennels
New Jersey. Lots of Bu's. Jaksi's Breeder, and hence anscestors to much of our bevy Hundehaven Kennels
Kyon Kennels
Ontario Canada. One of our Puppies great grandparent's Buhundit Freia ja Valla
Vääksy, Finland
Finish Site in English
Many good links
(slow link?)
Ailort Belgian Shepherds and Norwegian Buhunds. - Helensburgh Scotland.
A very nice UK site.
Halmstad Sweeden. This is where Tore was born.
Kennel Langhoff - Denmark. (has Black Buhunds - Site is mostly in English) Buhund Freia ja Valla
English version a a pretty extensive norwegian site.
Black Bu's! Kennel Langoff
Links to many
European Buhund breeders (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
Fiberworks Farm
 Alberta Canada. Raises Buhunds and other furry things. Out of date, but once good.

Commercial sites

These have Buhund info, but may be so filled with ad's they become annoying to read.   These are some of the best.


Buhund Gift Sites

Why man evolved
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