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Buhunds are an all purpose farm and herding dog, dating back to 900 AD in Viking times. They make excellent companion and family dogs. Trained as service and police dogs, these intelligent and alert canines  make excellent watchdogs. Affectionate and protective of owners and property, they have a high pitch bark to alarm of unwanted visitors

Activity needs for the Buhund are quite high, as they require mental and physical activity daily, especially at a young age. They are great hiking buddies, and love to run and swim. Even if they run far, they return quickly to circle around their herd leader, then take off running again, yet always keeping sight of their pack. Buhunds love games and sports such as chasing tennis balls, agility, rally, and of course herding

Personality of the Buhunds are affectionate and social, they want to be a part of the family, and prefer to sleep with or very near their master.

Buhunds are great with young children, elderly, and handicapped.They seem to sense their vulnerability feel its their duty to protect and love the humans who may need them the most. The are not aggressive, but are protective in the sense that they will alarm if they perceive danger

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Oct 2012 'C' litter  

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Norwegian Buhunds are medium sized (30-40lb) dogs of the Spitz type - they have pointy noses and curly tails.   Although relatively new to the AKC , they are quite an ancient breed; the Vikings had them thousands of years ago. 

Bu's are healthy, active, smart, affectionate, and adventurous,   making them excellent family pets.   They come in a Wheaten (tan), or Black with a few white spots on the chest and toes. 

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Our B-Litter (Sept 2011) Puppies
Jotunn Buhund puppies Oct 2011


Kaare and Sophie (AKC Grand Champions)

Norwegian Buhund : a.k.a.