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 2013-2014 Pictures And  Results

Our Buhunds have been doing really well. I need to add a whole bunch more info here, but some highlights of the last couple years, up to early Summer 2014, include:

  • Binna, a wheaten colored Buhund from our B litter, is currently the #1 Buhund in the US. She's doing pretty well in Canada too.  She's the first Buhund ever to win a best of show (she has a least two now) and dozens of group placements.  Amie is doing an awesome job showing her.  See pictures below or on Binna's facebook site.  Her sister Begie and I are doing pretty good at NADAC agility, but have yet to master the weave poles.
  • Chewie, a Black Buhund from the C litter is in the top 5 (top 2?) Buhunds in the U.S.  He has a tendecy to beat Binna when shown outside on the grass, he's so shiny in the sun!
  • A whole bunch of the D litter recently got their championships.  
  •  Enya, a Wheaten Buhund, a 7 month old puppy from the E litter, seems to be taking after Binna. She's started winning majors already.  A few of the E litter are also doing really well. 

Both Binna and Chewie went to the 2013 Eukanaba and 2014 Westminster dog shows.  Binna won breed at Eukanuba, and they both had fun playing in the snow in New York.

Binna and a few of her ribbons, including the first Buhund Best of Breed.
Binna the Norwegian Buhund and some of her many ribbons

Binna and Chewie in Central Park - Westminster 2014
Binna and Chewie the Norwegian Buhunds in Central Park prior to Westminster dog show, 2013

Amie and Binna
Binna The Norwegian Buhund and Amy, her awesome handler!

Binna waiting to go in the group ring at Eukanuba 2013
Binna the Norwegian Buhund waiting for group to start at Eukanba dog show, Dec 2013

Chewie and Trevor at Eukanuba 2013
Chewie the Norwegian Buhund with his handler Trevor, and Eukanuba dog show, 2013

Bergie hiding from the heat after an agility trail

Bergie the Norwegian Buhund hiding from the heat in an agility tunnel

2012 Show Pictures

GCH Jotunn Bella Binna

 Jotunn Bella Binna owned and bred by Vali Eberhardt, Amie MacLaughlin HandlerHelena Montana Herding Group 4 Sept 23 2012, GCH Jotunn Bella Binna


 CH Jotunn Gnipa Bergitta

 Norwegian Buhund Jotunn Gnipa  BergittaJotunn Gnipa Bergitta

GCH Tolgens Jaeren Kaare, Sophie, Binna

Fred Bassett Yakima WA - Tolgen's Jaeren Fredrick Kaare Group 3 Bremerton WA March 2012 - Norwegian Buhunds Kaare, Binna, Sophie


Chuck Murray Cehalis July 7 - GCH Jotunn Bella Binna Herding  Group 3Norwegian Buhund Jotunn Bella Binna Herding Group 4, July 8 2012

Jotunn Beowulf;     Port Gamble Fjord Axsel Anders and Annika

Norwegian Buhund - Jotunn Bjorn Tobias (Beowulf)Norwegian Buhunds - Port Gamble Fjord's Axsel, Annika, Anders

Anders and Annika;  Trollheimen Jaksi and Binna

Norwegian Buhunds Anders and Annika - Judges  Marlena Mathews and Gary StilesNorwegian Buhund Trollheimen Jaksi Koli - new AKC CH