Jotunn Buhunds

Our Norwegian Buhunds

Jotunn Norwegian Buhunds

This site is mainly about our particular Norwegian Buhunds.  For information about Norwegian Buhunds in general, and the kinds of trouble we get into together, follow the links.

Previous Litters

B Litter 2011 plus cousins Anders, Annika
Jotunn pups

C Litter 2012
Norwegian Buhund Puppies - 4 days old

Photos from 2013

Easter Day Mar 31, G2 Judge Fred Bassett w handler Amie McLaughlin
Jotunn Bella Binna

Mar 30, Group 1 w Judge Col Purkhisher w Amie 

Mar 24, G2 Judge Keke Kahn w Amie 
Jotunn Bella Binna G2 w Keke Kahn

BEST IN SHOW - IABCA Mar 16, Judge Cheryl D Anderson
IABCA BIS Jotunn Bella Binna

Mar 9, G4 w Judge Arlene Czech
Judge Arlene Czech w Binna G4

Feb 24, G4 Binna w Judge Linda Robey and Amie
Linda Robey w Bella Binna