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F Litter Puppies

Puppies born early morning July 9th, 2014

Anika had 8 puppies Wednesday July 9'th :  6 little girls and 2 boys (what's with all the girls in our litters?).  4 of the puppies are wheaten (tan) like their mom, while the other our black like their dad.  Just so we have one of everything, one of the boys is wheaten, while the other is black.

All puppies are healthy, active, and eating well. Mom is doing great.

Puppies are just celebrated their 3-week old birthday, and are attempting to walk a bit.

Anika Puppies
F Litter Puppies - 1 day old

If interested in one of these puppies, please contact:

Puppies will be available to good homes late August to early September..

Nika the Norwegian Buhund with inspecting her 9 day old puppies

See the photo_gallery for more pictures.

Daily Weights

Norwegian Buhund Puppy Weights - F Litter - 25 days old


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