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D Litter

D Litter Puppies

Puppies born early afternoon May 19, 2013

Sophie had 7 puppies Sunday afternoon:  6 little girls and finally one little boy.  5 of the girls and the boy are wheaten (tan) like their mom, while one of the girls is a very solid black like her dad.

NEW: YouTube Puppy Video - 5 weeks old. 
        10 minutes of cuteness!

All puppies are healthy, active, and eating well. Mom is doing great.

If interested in one of these puppies, please contact: or
Puppies will be available to good homes late July or early August.

Daily Weight

(Why plot the weight?  Well mainly the graph looks awesome.  But it also means I need to handle each puppy each and every day, which is good for them - and their Mom.   Finally, it provides easy and early warning that puppies are healthy and growing well.   For example, although little green is -little-, she's still gaining weight nicely, and I don't have to be too worried about her.)


The Puppies

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