Jotunn Norwegian Buhunds

B-Litter Puppies

As of Mid 2014, these puppies are all grown up..

  • Binna (Purple) is the most winning Buhund in the US, and was the first Buhund to win a Best of Show.
  • Bergie (Red) is in the top 10 Bu's this year, and is suffering thru my attempts to teach her agility.
  • Beowulf (Orange) showed for a bit  He is the dad of the F-litter.
  • The others are all in loving homes...

Norwegian Buhund Puppies, 1 day old
The B Litter and their Mom Anja - 1 Day old 

This site is to share photos and information about the first few weeks of our B-Litter, born  Aug 31, 2011.  These puppies are all grown up now (Purple is already a grand champion!), but it's still fun to look at their baby pictures.